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Permanent Exhibits:

Main Street Ludlow, circa 1899 (1st Floor)
Our Main Street restoration presents a view of what “downtown” Ludlow Village would have looked like around 1899.  The Main Street exhibit was put together in 1997.  Main Street was built Black River High School Advance Placement students along with a number of Black River High School Middle School students under the supervision of the Museum staff.   All artifacts came from Ludlow, including the entire barber shop of Mr. Marro on Depot Street.  Other stores include a doctor’s office, blacksmith shop, dentist, woolen mill and a country store.    For photographs, video, and a more detailed examination of this collection, click here.

Ludlow Home, circa 1870 (1st Floor)
This exhibit was put together in 1996 by the Black River High School Advance Placement History students under the supervision of the Museum Staff.    They researched homes of the Victorian and Early American periods.  They papered, painted, stenciled and made curtains and set up the exhibit rooms.    It includes a foyer, dining room, kitchen, parlor and bedroom. Some of the highlights include four reverse painting on glass pictures, Vermont furniture, a parlor stove, one of the first vacuum cleaners made, one of the first electrical refrigerators and stove.  For photographs, video, and a more detailed examination of this collection, click here.

Barns: The Vanishing Landscape of Vermont (2nd Floor)
The barn exhibit was done in 2009 by students from Ludlow Elementary School based on lengthy research of area barns.  Sponsored by The Okemo Challange Grant, this exhibit features photo’s of all Ludlow’s barns,  artifacts, models of English, Dutch, Yankee and round barns.  The most outstanding feature of this exhibit is the barn frame that the students designed and raised.

Finnish Heritage (2nd Floor)
A large number of Finns came to Vermont during the period when the Russian Tsar, and later, the Communist regime, tried to impose Russian rule and culture on Finland.  Many settled in Vermont because of its likeness to the areas of Finland they came from.   A wonderful collection of artifacts and culture that the Finnish people brought to Ludlow in the early 1900’s.  The exhibit is maintained by the Finnish Society and includes skis, sled, clothing, farm and household tools. 

Old Theatre Curtain (2nd Floor)
A recovered remnant of the “old days” when unique curtains adorned theaters and auditoriums, this curtain was recently restored by the museum.  For photographs and a more detailed examination of this collection, click here.

Restored Classroom, circa 1900 (3rd Floor)
The restored classroom, one that might have been the one that Calvin Coolidge may have sat in as a student at Black River Academy, was created as a permanent exhibit in 1978 by the Junior Historical Society.  The museum staff does “A Day in a One Room School” event periodically where we invite students to come and see how students learned in the late 1800’s. 

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