By Joan M. Willett

cooledge-buildinDo you know the location of this building? Do you remember when you were younger seeing this structure on the way to school or while running errands?

If you do, we would like you to join us on Thursday, June 22nd at the Black River Academy Museum on 16 High Street in Ludlow to share your answer with us.

We are having a gathering of people who like to share photos, information, and memories about Ludlow’s history. Whether you have photos or questions about an unlabeled picture, come in and see if you can get answers to your questions. You know that photo in the family album that no one labeled, maybe you will meet someone who knows what it is or where it is located. How about the boxes of photos you found when you were cleaning out your folk’s home? Were these pictures taken in front of your family home or business? Is it still standing or has it been renovated or updated to a newer facility?

We are also interested in compiling information about the buildings along Main Street, Andover Road, and Depot Street from the l930’s and ‘40’s. If you have recollections about any structures at these locations, we would appreciate hearing from you. The museum is planning to develop a replica of this area in the future and would welcome any input you can give us. Thank you in advance for helping us out on this project.

So, open those scrapbooks and look through those boxes of photos and drop in anytime between 4-8pm. Light refreshments will be served at 6pm. We look forward to seeing you on June 22.