J. Reid Williamson, 251 CLUB – EXTRA MILER

August 3rd @ 7pm

Have you ever thought about visiting every county in the USA? Well, some people have put that on their “Bucket List” and our guest speaker, J. Reid Williamson, will discuss how he completed this extensive journey by finishing in Dutch Harbor, Unalaska, Alaska on July 28, 2007.

Along with traveling to all the counties in the USA, he also learned about the 251 Club from a Vermont Life magazine article over forty years ago and has been keeping track of towns in the New England ever since. Reid has traveled to more than three dozen foreign countries and lived in Germany for over three and a half years. He has kept track of his jurisdictions there also.

Join us at the museum on 14 High Street, Ludlow on Thursday evening, August 3rd at 7pm and listen to what Reid has to say about this remarkable project.

FINNISH LOG & SAUNA Presentation by Frank Eld

Living in many rural areas, you might have come across a wooden structure next to the main house and wondered what it was. It was too small to be a barn and too large for a chicken coop. There was smoke coming out of the chimney and it seemed to be running on a regular basis. If a Finnish family lived next to that dwelling, then you knew it was their sauna. Unfortunately, in the US many Finnish families have not continued with their family tradition of the sauna for physical and mental relaxation.

Frank Eld, a preservationist and educator on Finnish log construction will be speaking at the Black River Academy on 14 High School in Ludlow on Thursday, July 6 at 7pm to talk about the information he has gathered over the years recording information about Finnish communities and their log construction. “It’s our Finnish heritage, we need to document and preserve it,” Frank tells people as he travels. Frank will provide a PowerPoint presentation dealing with his findings over the last forty-five years. He is the Founder of the Long Valley Preservation Society, in Roseberry, Idaho which is a historic town site with twenty-five preserved buildings. Many of these buildings were constructed by the Finnish immigrants who homesteaded in that area in the early 1900’s.

Ludlow had a fairly large Finnish population during that same time period. They were so well built that they still might be here but hidden amongst the bushes and trees on a local farm or homestead. The museum is fortunate to have Frank as our guest speaker as he travels across the upper United States, Canada, and Finland looking for remnants of this lost art. Come join us on July 6th and learn about this unique building and other Finnish log structures.



SATURDAY, JULY 15, 2017, 1PM.

How many times have you thought about sitting down and relaxing with a cup of tea and wondered what would make this drink
a little more enjoyable or different?

Gretchen Gregory will be discussing the use of herbs and wildflowers for a tea which is both tasty and healthy. She will also discuss the many ways and uses for herb and wildflowers in your daily life. She will be speaking at the Black River Academy Museum on 14 High Street in Ludlow on Saturday, July 15 at 1pm. Gretchen will be serving herbal and wildflower teas. There will be small desserts to accompany the tea. For those of you that like to garden or have thought about starting one, an herb garden will also be on display. Join us for an informative talk and relaxing beverage.

It was a wonderful time, here are a few pictures from the day!



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